Illustrations - v2

Thu 19 January 2017 by yaniv

In an earlier post I shared some of my illustrations for Baby Weatr, a Messenger app that helps parents chose an outfit for their newborn baby based on the weather. As I gained more experience in illustrations (note: I'm not a designer), a style started to emerge. Here are the outcomes of the second iterations.

I created most of those illustrations in Inkscape, while transitioning to Illustrator. Finally, I then used Sketch to create complete outfits (see example at the bottom of this post).

These are the styles we're using in the app:

[gallery ids="1062,1064,1065,1066,1067,1069,1070,1071,1072,1073,1074,1075"]

And here's how items then added to a complete outfit: Girl 20f-less