Should I Move My Blog Here?

Fri 08 January 2016 by yaniv

I'm currently blogging using Pelican as my static site generator (here's a link). I started with that because it seemed like the cool thing to do - write your own blog, control everything, and write posts in plain text, or markdown.

But as time went by, and I wrote more and more, I got annoyed with the constant need to maintain and manage Pelican. I start getting bored, tinkering its internals. What's more, it started to take longer to post new entries. Pelican generate the entire site, every time a post is edited. So as I've accumulated posts, making changes and seeing their results became a long process. With 26 posts now, it takes almost 2 minutes to a see a change I made in the development site.

So I want to give WP a try. Don't know if I'll like it, and if I'll be ok with loosing some of my control. But who knows...

That's it for a test page, right...?

Update 02/18/2018: This was written in Wordpress, just before I decided to move from Pelican...