Changing the default font in Emacs

Mon 30 November 2015 by yaniv

Josh Stella wrote a delightful post about how he uses Emacs, not necessarily for development work. I found quite a few configuration tips, and already implemented few of them. One of those tweaks is using the Input font family. Visiting fontbureau made me want this font too!

I thought it will be as simple as copy-paste (I'm still not used to the appropriate kill-yank terminology) Josh's configuration. It wasn't - after reloading my init, the font didn't pick up.

Few experimentations later, though, and it did work. First, I had to download and install the font in my mac, dahhh... Then, I had to modify the name of the font (Josh used InputSerif; I had to change it to Input). Here's my configuration:

;; set up fonts for different OSes. OSX toggles to full screen.
(setq myfont "Input")
((string-equal system-name "ygilad.local")
 (set-face-attribute 'default nil :font myfont :height 144)

Indeed, it looks beautiful. Here's a screen grab of this post in Input: emacs_with_input_font.png

There's still one problem - this modification to my config broke the org-reader plugin, and I can't export my org files to Pelican. Sadly, I'll have to resort to the default font (Menlo), until I figure out a fix.