My WordPress Development Workflow

I currently use a child-theme for this site1, its parent being twentysixteen. I keep modifying this theme on my local machine and push updates to my live site. But in parallel, I want to start building a completely new theme, based on the starting _s theme. I’m uncomfortable developing this new theme within the same local environment; I want, instead, to create a playground where I can experiment, knowing it’s completely isolated from my production environment.

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Moving to WordPress


That was quick.

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about thinking to move my blog to WordPress. Since then, I’ve used WordPress1 in conjunction with my static blog, and published posts to both sites. This experiment helped me to reaffirm the pros and cons of using WordPress, especially the part about concentrating on writing rather than site administration. During those two weeks I posted more, and became comfortable working with, and in, WordPress.

When I realized that I started to publish first to my dummy WordPress blog, and then reluctantly to my static blog, I made the decision to switch. Yesterday I completed the migration.

Following is the checklist I’ve used to manage the migration. It helped me going through the process with no downtime, and no prodissues 🙂

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Should I Keep Using Pelican Or Move To WordPress

I’m currently using Pelican to power this site. Pelican is a static site generator (SSG) that takes markdown files as an input and generate html pages as an output; no database, no server-side logic; just simple, static HTML.

When I created this blog, using WordPress or Tumblr wasn’t an option, simply because every geeky blogger I follow wrote about how much those platforms suck, and how using SSG to run their blog were the best move they have ever made. I chose Pelican1, because of its popularity and because it is written in Python.

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