Ortus Rengi

Recently I’m into gaming. It started with a nostalgic craving to Half-Life, which I used to spend hours on, about ages ago. I wondered if there’s a version for mac, and found that there is, in Steam. I didn’t hear about Steam before (thinking about it, I did hear about it in one of the Cortex podcast episodes), but once visiting that service, there is no way out… a spent almost the entire night browsing through games, feeling I’m in an amusement park. I forgot all about half-life, and eventually immersed myself in Ortus Rengi, a closed-deck, deck-design strategy card game.

One thought on “Ortus Rengi”

  1. Yo! I love Steam 🙂 – I found that is a great resource for handling games because of its easy download system.

    My favortie games on Steam have to be CIV V by Sid Meir’s and its Sci Fi counterpart CIV Beyond.

    Also some others worth trying:
    – Gary’s Mod, because it is weird
    – Goat Sim, because goats
    – I am Bread, life of a piece of Toast
    – Skyrim, Steam makes it easy to load mods and attachements
    – Borderlands – awesome Steam Gameplay
    – old game: Age of Empires if you have a PC to run it on

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