Ortus Rengi

Recently I’m into gaming. It started with a nostalgic craving to Half-Life, which I used to spend hours on, about ages ago. I wondered if there’s a version for mac, and found that there is, in Steam. I didn’t hear about Steam before (thinking about it, I did hear about it in one of the Cortex podcast episodes), but once visiting that service, there is no way out… a spent almost the entire night browsing through games, feeling I’m in an amusement park. I forgot all about half-life, and eventually immersed myself in Ortus Rengi, a closed-deck, deck-design strategy card game.

Morning Muses

One writing hack is to read something by someone you admire, before going about writing. Today, I went on my morning pages right after reading “The Tempest“, one of Shakespeare’s most lyrical plays. Here’s the outcome…:

[I’m] On a flight back from a well needed vacation in the Caribbean, the first, in a long time, which got me to an almost complete relaxation. I got my sleep deprivation sattled, feel refreshed and recharged, ready to a new adventure. And a new adventure is right by the corner, hopefully this week its nature I will uncover. Writing prosaically, a Shakespeare influence it must be, hence can settle the battle between writing and reading. My mind craves the taste of a good book, but bloated from the execive thoughts it has absorebed, with way not to let them out.

Such fun it is to write this way, encrypting my thoughts, the key to which known to only me.

What’s in me, but a storm? I can’t make my mind if I’m an owner or under someone else’s power. I want to make some of my own, yet can’t commit for the sum with which it comes.

I like this muse, it makes me flow, it make my mind fly, sing and play. Lots of serious business to consider, but I’m going to let my heart take the final decision.

Here, here, for a fun afternoon astir.

Two Out Of Three

When I served in the air-force, we used to make fun of the meteorology unit, which was responsible to provide us with weather information before going on a mission. You see, know the wether conditions at the location of the target, at the time we suppose to attack it is critical to the success of that mission.

What. When. Where

Our issue with the meteorological unit was that they were very accurate at predicting only two out of the three parameters.

They could say, for example, that it’s going to be sky overcast at 7am, but not where; it will be sunny and clear within 10 miles of our target, but not sure when. No need to be a meteorologist to make a forecast with that level of (in)accuracy.

Many times I come across those types of predictions\assertions. I don’t have a good example now, though. But if you have, feel to share…