Two Out Of Three

Wed 27 January 2016 by yaniv

When I served in the air-force, we used to make fun of the meteorology unit, which was responsible to provide us with weather information before going on a mission. You see, know the weather conditions at the location of the target, at the time we suppose to attack it is critical to the success of that mission.

What. When. Where

Our issue with the meteorological unit was that they were very accurate at predicting only two out of the three parameters.

They could say, for example, that it's going to be sky overcast at 7am, but not where; it will be sunny and clear within 10 miles of our target, but not sure when. No need to be a meteorologist to make a forecast with that level of (in)accuracy.

Many times I come across those types of predictions/assertions. I don't have a good example now, though. But if you have, feel to share...