On Starting A Blog

Wed 27 January 2016 by yaniv

My experience with starting a blog reminds me that of becoming a parent.

For years the idea of having a child was something my wife and I repressed. We knew we will eventually have one (or two), but never spoke about it. When time started to press, and we had to start planning for it, we tried to figure the exact day to go about it. "Next week is too soon, I'm busy at work", "maybe after the holidays, or the month after?" We felt as if getting pregnant means that the baby will arrive the day after. Well, it isn't. It takes, like, 9 months or so.

During those long months we did a lot of planning; we bought stuff for the baby, rearrange the house and set up a room for her. We slowly turned into parents. And somewhere during the last trimester I started to have strong craving for that baby to come already.

Now what does it have to do with starting a blog? For years you might have thought about starting one. At a certain point you got over yourself and decided to actually create one. But making that decision is only the first step. Actually launching it is another. And that you postponed as much as possible. You hatch on couple of posts you intend to publish; you edit them over and over, afraid of making even a single error. You're terrified that someone, out of the millions of readers, who wait to read whatever you're about to post, won't like what you wrote.

But then, when you finally plunge yourself into the water and post something, you notice that no one came. You post again, and still no one cares.

Months go by and you start realizing that you're writing to yourself. This realization, though is liberating. It leads you to become more comfortable, to share more and express yourself better. After all, you're your only reader.

If you haven't given up yet, and you keep posting, your writing and way of communicating your thoughts and ideas will improve. And as that happens you'll start craving for audience, for people to read what you share. Not too long after that, almost magically, readers do start coming. It turned out that your posts made their ways across the internet, and found interested readers. They show on search results, picked up by someone, or referred to by a fellow blogger. Your site is coming to life.

Starting a blog, just like getting pregnant, is only the beginning of a long, long, process. It takes months for it to evolve and attract readers. So don't worry about that exact moment in time when you'll publish your first post, and don't think too much about that first post. Just do it.