Apple Watch – 6 Months Later. Not That Great.

When I shared my first impression on the Watch, it was all hail of fanfare. I had nothing bad to say about it, and even if I had, I ignored or minimized it.

Six months of daily use later, and I become annoyed with it. If it wasn’t too big of a statement, I would have gone back to my Polar RS-100.

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Two Out Of Three

When I served in the air-force, we used to make fun of the meteorology unit, which was responsible to provide us with weather information before going on a mission. You see, know the wether conditions at the location of the target, at the time we suppose to attack it is critical to the success of that mission.

What. When. Where

Our issue with the meteorological unit was that they were very accurate at predicting only two out of the three parameters.

They could say, for example, that it’s going to be sky overcast at 7am, but not where; it will be sunny and clear within 10 miles of our target, but not sure when. No need to be a meteorologist to make a forecast with that level of (in)accuracy.

Many times I come across those types of predictions\assertions. I don’t have a good example now, though. But if you have, feel to share…

Moving to WordPress


That was quick.

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about thinking to move my blog to WordPress. Since then, I’ve used WordPress1 in conjunction with my static blog, and published posts to both sites. This experiment helped me to reaffirm the pros and cons of using WordPress, especially the part about concentrating on writing rather than site administration. During those two weeks I posted more, and became comfortable working with, and in, WordPress.

When I realized that I started to publish first to my dummy WordPress blog, and then reluctantly to my static blog, I made the decision to switch. Yesterday I completed the migration.

Following is the checklist I’ve used to manage the migration. It helped me going through the process with no downtime, and no prodissues 🙂

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Uploading Images To Amazon S3

Here’s a cool little workflow that I use to automate the usage of images in my posts1.

The flow

  • Move the image I would like to use to my black-hole folder
  • When a new file is added to the folder, or existing file is modified, a Hazel is triggered
  • This Hazel rule fires up a python script
  • The python script:
    • Pushes updates to my Amazon S3
    • Returns a link to the uploaded file
    • Place the link in the clipboard
    • Add a log entry that includes the timestemp and the link to that file

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Should I Keep Using Pelican Or Move To WordPress

I’m currently using Pelican to power this site. Pelican is a static site generator (SSG) that takes markdown files as an input and generate html pages as an output; no database, no server-side logic; just simple, static HTML.

When I created this blog, using WordPress or Tumblr wasn’t an option, simply because every geeky blogger I follow wrote about how much those platforms suck, and how using SSG to run their blog were the best move they have ever made. I chose Pelican1, because of its popularity and because it is written in Python.

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Fixing My Apple Extended Keyboard II

Couple of months ago I bought the Apple Extended Keyboard from EBay. I fell in-love with it immediately, and enjoyed typing in it more than I do with my Wasd Code1.

To my disappointment, though, few days after I got it, several keys started to show signs of weakness. The ‘8’ key spouted multiple letters in every stroke. The ‘t’ worked sporadically, and the ‘.’ stopped responding altogether.

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Blog Writing – Our First Meeting

Our Blog Writing meetup has taken off to a great start! Last Wednesday 18 of us met for the first time to discuss the vision of our group, share personal goals and talk about writing and blogging.

In case you’ve missed it, want to learn about our group, or just reminisce, here’s the presentation we went through, followed by a turn-by-turn summary of the meeting1.

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Should I Move My Blog Here?

I’m currently blogging using Pelican as my static site generator (here’s a link). I started with that because it seemed like the cool thing to do – write your own blog, control everything, and write posts in plain text, or markdown.

But as time went by, and I wrote more and more, I got annoyed with the constant need to maintain and manage Pelican. I start getting bored, tinkering its internals. What’s more, it started to take longer to post new entries. Pelican generate the entire site, every time a post is edited. So as I’ve accumulated posts, making changes and seeing their results became a long process. With 26 posts now, it takes almost 2 minutes to a see a change I made in the development site.

So I want to give WP a try. Don’t know if I’ll like it, and if I’ll be ok with loosing some of my control. But who knows…


That’s it for a test page, right…?


Get The Current File’s Path in Emacs

Here’s a small function I borrowed from this question on stack-overflow. It returns the full path of the file I currently edit in the buffer:

(defun show-file-name ()
  "Show the full path file name in the minibuffer."
  (message (buffer-file-name))
  (kill-new (file-truename buffer-file-name))
(global-set-key "\C-cz" 'show-file-name)

You’ll note that this function is bind to C-c z. So when typing it, you should see the path showing in the minibuffer. As a bonus, it stores the path in the kill ring, so C-y (CMD-v works as well on my mac) will paste the value.